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A Column of Fire cast of characters


Willard household

Ned Willard
Barney, his brother
Alice, their mother
Malcolm Fife, groom
Janet Fife, housekeeper
Eileen Fife, daughter of Malcolm and Janet

Fitzgerald household

Margery Fitzgerald
Rollo, her brother
Sir Reginald, their father
Lady Jane, their mother
Naomi, maid
Sister Joan, Margery’s great-aunt

Shiring household

Bart, Viscount Shiring
Swithin, his father, earl of Shiring
Sal Brendon, housekeeper

The Puritans

Philbert Cobley, ship owner
Dan Cobley, his son
Ruth Cobley, Philbert’s daughter
Donal Gloster, clerk
Father Jeremiah, parson of St John’s in Loversfield
Widow Pollard


Friar Murdo, an itinerant preacher
Susannah, Countess of Brecknock, friend of Margery & Ned Jonas Bacon, captain of the Hawk
Jonathan Greenland, first mate aboard the Hawk
Stephen Lincoln, a priest
Rodney Tilbury, justice

Real historical people

Mary Tudor, queen of England
Elizabeth Tudor, her half-sister, later queen
Sir William Cecil, advisor to Elizabeth
Robert Cecil, William’s son
William Allen, leader of the exiled English Catholics
Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster


Palot family

Sylvie Palot
Isabelle Palot, her mother
Giles Palot, her father


Pierre Aumande
Viscount Villeneuve, fellow student of Pierre’s
Father Moineau, Pierre’s tutor
Nath, Pierre’s maid
Guillaume of Geneva, itinerant pastor
Louise, marchioness of Nîmes
Luc Mauriac, cargo broker
Aphrodite Beaulieu, daughter of the count of Beaulieu
René Duboeuf, tailor
Françoise Duboeuf, his young wife
Marquis de Lagny, a Protestant aristocrat
Bernard Housse, a young courtier
Alison McKay, lady-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots

Fictional members of the Guise household

Gaston Le Pin, head of the household guard of the Guise family
Brocard and Rasteau, two of Gaston’s thugs
Odette, maid to Veronique
Georges Biron, a spy

Real historical people: the Guise household

François, duke of Guise
Henri, son of François
Charles, cardinal
Lorraine, brother of François

Real historical people: the Bourbons & their allies

Antoine, king of Navarre
Henri, son of Antoine
Louis, prince of Condé
Gaspard de Coligny, admiral of France

Real historical people: others

Henri II, king of France
Caterina de’ Medici, queen of France
Children of Henri and Caterina:
Francis II, king of France
Charles IX, king of France
Henri III, king of France
Margot, queen of Navarre

Mary Stuart, queen of Scots
Charles de Louviers, assassin

Real historical people

James Stuart, illegitimate half-brother of Mary Queen of Scots
James Stuart, son of Mary Queen of Scots, later King James VI of Scotland nd King James I of England


Cruz family

Carlos Cruz
Aunt Betsy

Ruiz family

Pedro, her father


Archdeacon Romero
Father Alonso, inquisitor
Captain “Ironhand” Gómez


Wolman family

Jan Wolman, cousin of Edmund Willard
Imke, his daughter

Willemsen family

Betje, Albert’s wife
Drike, their daughter
Evi, Albert’s widowed sister
Matthus, Evi’s son

Other nations

Ebrima Dabo, Mandinkan slave
Bella, rum maker in Hispaniola

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