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Early crime Novels

The Modigliani Scandal

Three people learn of an undiscovered Modigliani: an ambitious young art historian in Paris, a distinguished London dealer and a gallery owner with a financial crisis and a discontented wife. No holds are barred in the fight for possession. Meanwhile an angry young painter plotting revenge executes a brilliant forgery. And an idealistic actress becomes involved in a Robin Hood-style enterprise. The lives of masterpiece hunters, forgers and thieves inexorably collide.

Published as

The Modigliani Scandal by ‘Zachary Stone’ — Collins, London 1976. Published in the USA under the name Ken Follett. Available in print, CD and audiobook formats.
Der Modigliani Skandal in German by Bastei Lübbe
Lo Scandalo Modigliani in Italian by Mondadori

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Ken’s view

I was almost good when I wrote The Modigliani Scandal and Paper Money. They were the last two novels before I found success with Eye of the Needle, and were written under the name ‘Zachary Stone’. By this time my storytelling skills had improved, and these books have more depth than my earlier efforts. They are too short, however, the characters have no past and the action often moves too quickly for the reader to enjoy.

For hard-core fans, I have allowed these two to be republished in most countries, but included a preface for each emphasising that they were early works. I was afraid I might get a lot of mail from disappointed readers, but in the event I didn’t get any. People seem to enjoy them, so they can’t be too bad.

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Paper Money

A politician wakes with a beautiful girl; a criminal briefs his team; a tycoon breakfasts with a Bank official. Then three stories break: an attempted suicide, a hijack, and a takeover bid. They seem unrelated – until Evening Post reporters ask questions. Why is a Jamaican bank in trouble? Who drove the Rolls-Royce seen near the raid? Who was the man with gunshot wounds? As the day wears on, new questions arise – about paper money.

Published as

Paper Money by ‘Zachary Stone’ — Collins, London 1977.
De Spur der Fusche in German by Bastei Lübbe
Alta Finanza in Italian by Mondadori
Papel Moneda in Spanish by Random House Mondadori

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