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World Without End

Choice’s book of the month

Choice magazine in the UK has chosen World Without End as their book of the month for October 2007.

The review, written by Sue Dobson, reads:

The long-awaited sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett’s memorable story of the building of Kingsbridge’s cathedral during the Middle Ages, begins two centuries later, on All Hallows Eve 1327.

Among the crowds gathered in the priory precincts for the daybreak service of Halloween are four very different young people whose lives are to become entwined for decades. Between them they will see murder committed, experience ambition and revenge, prosperity and famine, risk their lives and fall in and out of love.

This is a huge book in every way, sweeping and yet detailed, a powerful story packed with superbly drawn characters and which brilliantly evokes the period that saw the devastating Black Death plague and the birth of modern medicine.